Workshops to inspire creativity, collaboration & friendship 

'In a super competitive world of dance, students are constantly under pressure to triumph over their fellow dancers from other local schools. At Dance Sparks we want dancers to look at their competition in a different way. When I left dance school and first started taking open classes, I remember being in awe of the new talent around me. I felt inspired to learn from their strengths.


I want to create a professional associate learning environment for Sussex dancers, where talents from all different schools can take class together and put their technique and experience to the test, in an open class environment.


Regular classes at your dance school are so important, but Dance Sparks is a good chance to see the world of dance beyond your local dance studio, and to come out of your comfort zone by meeting new dancers & teachers. I hope dancers will watch each other and see where they need to improve, find out what qualities of other dancers they admire, and then subsequently find out why they are unique. Most of all, I hope they make friends, enjoy building each other up, and it helps to prepare them for the world of dance, should they wish to pursue it as a career.


I also think it's a great chance for teachers to teach alongside one another, make friends, share knowledge and create positive relationships for the local dance scene to become a friendlier, more collaborative place.' 

Lucy, Director of Dance Sparks

Dance Sparks aims to bring inspiring opportunities to the dancers and teachers of West Sussex, offering valuable workshops to develop and explore new creative skills and offer new challenges.


Local dancers are offered easily accessible, affordable chances to take classes with leading tutors from London and across the UK in a more intimate and hands-on setting. They will learn dynamic choreography, be pushed to be their most creative, as well as make friends with other dancers in their local area.

Local teachers are able to network, explore their creative side, learn new teaching techniques, experience taking classes in a workshop setting, and be inspired by guests to push their teaching methods to the next level.


Dance Sparks aims to create lasting collaborative relationships between local teachers and dancers from many different schools in the area so that they're able to build each other up and share exciting opportunities.

We aim to run a Summer & Easter Intensive, as well as offer 3-6 weekend workshop days per year. These will be around the Sussex area and in collaboration with local schools and teachers.

Eventually we hope to include workshops for local teachers as part of our programme.